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Children’s Day

Children’s Day 2025 and 2026

Romania observes Children’s Day on 1 June. The holiday was first celebrated as International Children’s Day in 2012, but it only became an official Romanian public holiday in 2017.

20251 JunSunChildren's Day
20261 JunMonChildren's Day
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Most people in Romania get a day off work and school for Children’s Day, and most businesses are closed. However, although it’s not a regular school day, there are typically school events around this date where teachers may give out awards to school children. And there are also many other public events, including art exhibits of art done by children.

Parents and grandparents often give gifts to their kids and grandkids on Children’s Day. And families will often take kids out for a fun day or have a special meal and a kid’s party at home. Additionally, there are media campaigns on Romanian TV, radio, newspapers, and Internet devoted to raising awareness of the importance and value of children and of the parent-child relationship in society.

Previous Years

20241 JunSatChildren's Day
20231 JunThuChildren's Day