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Labor Day

Labor Day 2020, 2021 and 2022

Romania inherited Labor Day, on 1 May, from the days of Communist domination, but unlike some other states, they have not discarded it or looked upon it with disdain due to such past association.

20201 MayFriLabor Day
20211 MaySatLabor Day
20221 MaySunLabor Day
20231 MayMonLabor Day
20241 MayWedLabor Day

Instead, Labor Day is a time when everyone gets off work and finds one of several popular ways to enjoy themselves for a day or for several days in a row.

Some camp out by the sea and swim or play a guitar by the sandy beach at Vama Veche. Others visit the “posh” concerts, resorts, and clubs in nearby Mamaia. While still others head to the mountains to hike, picnic, grill meat, and stay at fancy, breathtakingly scenic resorts.

It’s not about Socialist goals or protesting for higher wages for most people in Romania today. It’s all about spring, the opening of the beach season, and spending quality time with family.